Little Darlings at the Picket Fence

It's Faith!

Faith is our May girl. She is wearing a new pretty gingham dress by Susan Elizabeth, all the way from the UK.


And the dress came with pantaloons, and a great big bow! The girls were so impressed with this bow, when they changed out of their Spring Celebration dresses, they all chose to wear hairbows with their outfits!



The girls are all meeting at the picket fence. And then they are on their way garden shed, where the Eiffel Tower model is waiting for them.


Will the model be easy...or challenging?

I wear my red shoes each time I go to town...

Where are the rest of the girls?

Most of the girls are on their way to the garden shed now, to work on their Eiffel Tower project.

Just Evie, Lula, and Scout are lagging behind.

They've invited the boys...


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    April (Wednesday, 24 May 2017 09:28)

    Well congratulatins Faith on having been chosen as Model of the month of May. You're certainly pretty in that dress and your great big hair bow! All of the girls are so very pretty. I imagine the competition was fierce!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 24 May 2017 11:09)

    Hahaha! Well, we work it out here in Dolltown...
    Interestingly enough, focusing on one Little Darling a month makes sure that our little extroverts don't take over in each story. And gives our shyer girls a chance to get a little extra focus! And be a star...
    Of course it changes the course of events too, since each of them make different choices for how to do things!

  • #3

    Carolyn (Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:37)

    Delightful photos Jano - your lovely girls dressed so well always makes me smile. I can just imagine what a grand time they have together !!

  • #4

    Jano (Wednesday, 31 May 2017)

    Thank you Carolyn! The girls all chose their own dresses to wear! (I am deep in the imaginary world of dolls. Lovely place! :))