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31. May 2017
Dolltowners in the May garden...a gathering of horses, Golly cloth dolls, and an Ellowyne all by herself!

29. May 2017
Little Darlings Scout, Lula, and Evie meet up at the Picket Fence. When Badger arrives he gets a haircut! You be the judge!

27. May 2017
A suitcase of Monster High clothes arrived in Dolltown. And tiny Fancy Nancy and Heartstrings Phoebe fit some of them perfectly. They are thrilled.

24. May 2017
Iplehouse JID Tanya, our Aira, is changing her hair again. Check the choices out and let us know which "do" you like the best!

24. May 2017
April, Fashion Doll Stylist, is in Paris and Little Darling Conner is with her! Conner is exploring Paris's wonderful museums and parks...

23. May 2017
It's time for the Dolltowners to assemble the Eiffel Tower model from Fashion Doll Stylist! The Little Darling are excited!

16. May 2017
Little Darlings Faith and friends meet up at the picket fence, all in ribbons. Where to next?

14. May 2017
It's Little Darling Conner, in Detroit! Conner is with Fashion Doll Stylist and her doll Divas, and is learning so much! Cutting, sewing, new dresses and shoes!

09. May 2017
The children enjoy a picnic basket of French food, from Fashion Doll Stylist! On the first outing of the year in Dolltown!

08. May 2017
In April, the Little Darlings, the Sashas, and friends were exploring a birchbark canoe, and all its fascinating contents. Then we brought more of the children to the river to see the canoe, the gold fish, the beads... And there was a picnic! But before we had time to post all those photos, Easter arrived and all the Dolltowners spiffed up for a big egg hunt at the river with Bunny! There were lots of photos of the spring celebration and we just got them all posted. NOW we can get back to our...

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