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12. August 2016
In the attic we found some of our furniture made just for dolls. This white set goes right back to my own childhood, when they were painted pink. I loved it! My family was good at planning, making, and decorating furniture, full size and doll size. For my own children I repainted this set white with a fireweed trim, a favorite wild flower of mine. The Little Darlings discovered this set in the garden, fresh from a wash...

10. August 2016
Lula Star left Dolltown last November for Melbourne, Australia... My daughter Lani moved there with her Tasmanian BAE, but tucked Lula in her camera bag. For several months, Lula traveled as well to New Zealand, Indonesia, and explored interesting topography with Lani and Fin. Now Lula is back! Scout is first to greet her...old friends.