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05. September 2016
Morning! Terri Lee had a good rest! She was ready for her friends to come and visit. Ernie checked in briefly, then he was off to fix a few things. Sophie in a Frame, Bunny, Art Dolls, Valentine, and Sky arrived and the chatting began!

24. April 2016
Jester Jim! A Czech Marionette made entirely of linden wood... Jester Jim arrived a while ago and has been hanging out with Don Quixote. JJ has advice for all of us passing by their hanging rod. (As a marionette JJ and his companion Don Quixote hang suspended, even when they, ummm, sleep.) There is no topic that JJ won't expound upon. He has words of wisdom about everything. From his philosophy of life to world politics (that the dolls are watching), from how long bread should rise, to how...