Jester Jim and Don Quixote at Dolltown Abbey!

Jester Jim!

A Czech Marionette made entirely of linden wood...


Jester Jim arrived a while ago and has been hanging out with Don Quixote. JJ has advice for all of us passing by their hanging rod. (As a marionette JJ and his companion Don Quixote hang suspended, even when they, ummm, sleep.)


There is no topic that JJ won't expound upon. He has words of wisdom about everything. From his philosophy of life to world politics (that the dolls are watching), from how long bread should rise, to how teeth should be brushed Jester Jim gives his opinions. And each piece of advice is weighted with a lifetime of cynicism. Of course, JJ doesn't see it as cynicism. To him it's just real life. The worst guy will win. Our teeth are going to fall out eventually, no matter how we brush...

(JJ that is not even true! Lots of us DIE without our teeth falling out...wait a minute! How did we get to DYING so quickly?)


Lucky the little dollies are not affected by his grumpy  words of warning. They just laugh when he talks. They think he is SO funny.


For us humans, Jester Jim and his friend Don present a huge challenge. They are very complex marionettes. And we are complete string puppet novices. We feel thankful when we can get them from one side of a room to another without tangling their strings.


And Jester Jim makes it even more challenging by shouting out cautions... "Hold us steady! Don't mess up our strings! Why do we have to move anyway? It's just going to be a disaster! You're doing it all WRONG!"


I can hear the dollies laughing hilariously. They think it is all for their entertainment. Me? My hands are shaking....

Cowed by a puppet a fraction of my size!

And I picked him! Hahahaha Lucky I love him. I love his face and think it is funny that he is dressed so cute!


Hang on. We have him settled. And being in Asa's presence has calmed him...briefly. Oh, there he goes. They are talking about conditions in Dolltown.

I want to hear this!


Photo to change photos

Verrrry interesting!


Jester Jim is telling Asa what he thinks is wrong with the Dolltown set up and how it could run better. Asa listens quietly.


And Don Quixote, whose life was dedicated to defending the helpless and destroying  the wicked, is sharing stories of his adventures. Jester Jim doesn't believe that any of Don's stories are real and becomes impatient, but Asa soothes him with a smile and a wink.

Daniel has heard the marionettes are with Asa. He has come to hear the stories of these two weathered gentlemen.


Both JJ and Don are a little confused by Daniel's androgynous appearance.

They wonder which bathroom he uses, and how he has become the best swordsman in the land. He has hands as soft as a girl's and there is not a scar on him...


In the end it was an excellent meet up. 

Asa has someone to go to for advice, whenever she wants it.

And Don has offered his warrior expertise to the bjd juniors on patrol.

He asked Daniel if there are any knights in the land.

Daniel said no, just windmills, but it went right over Don Quixote's head...

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