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06. August 2016
Little Vera accompanied me to the Pop Up Shop, and look what she loved! And wanted! Now THAT'S more like it! After a couple of weeks of treats in Dolltown...Healthy fruit! But, dear Vera...I'm sorry to say it is just an art piece. All the fruit is stuck on that plate. And cost as much as a filet mignon at Hy's Steakhouse. How hard was it to say no to this cutie?! How about we carry on to our favorite grocery store and find some REAL fruit, for REAL dolls! Okay, she said, smiling. I love Vera!

24. July 2016
Dolltown's little Vera is a Tonner Linda McCall. She arrived with big sisters Betsy and Barbara last year (okay, I'll have to check those relationships) and we often see her playing with Gabby and Lilac Moon. After a little research, on eBay, I found only one face exactly like this one, and it was a 1998 Tonner Linda, from a UFDC Conference, limited edition "an American in Paris". Eighteen years old, and doesn't look a day older than four!

24. July 2016
Time for a break from the Ice Cream Party.... We left the dollies cleaning up between groups! Some have to head to the showers! Vera and I headed out to spend some time in our Garden. We didn't even stop for shoes!