Flashback...Boneka arrives in Dolltown

Last year, the dolls were arriving in Dolltown. It was all we could do to keep up with photo records!


Boneka, a bead filled doll from Indonesia, arrived in a batik cloth box in the same design as his cloth body.

Tink was there to greet him as he emerged, then Silent Sam, and also Ana...

Indonesian batik cloths have always been a part of my life...


I remember a two-sided batik cloth hanging in the doorway between the kitchen and living room in my grandparents tiny house in Penticton. 

Much like the cloth behind Boneka and Fishing Rabbit. Can you even see Boneka? Or Rabbit?

So, I grew up with a love of cloth, from sweet patterns and colors to exotic, used for so many purposes.


Cloth, bags, baskets, Sasha dolls and character dolls were integrated with other handmade gifts and shelves of books in our small town store...


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