Spider-Man and the girls...

While the rest of the Dolltowners headed up to Dolltown Abbey, Spider-Man lingered by the Dark Tree.

The Little Darlings, Undeen, and Phoebe kept him company as they came and went, getting ready for November action...

Xennia spends a little time with Spider-Man...

I didn't hear them talking at all, but Xennia took some lessons in throwing cobwebs.


Go for it, Xennia.


Do you know that cobwebs come from spiders? Spiders?

What? she says...

Okay, Xennia, go join your friends. 

It's time for Spider-Man to get back to his useful work.

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    April (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 09:57)

    Well I just LOVE Phoebe's precious little outfit from that adorable hat to the boots. Your girls are quite the fashion plates!!! How nice of them to keep Spider-Man company. I am always amazed how fearless they are. But don't worry, Xennia, I am frightened of spiders and the webs they spin, too!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 12:47)

    The fashion is a lot of fun!
    The little outfit of Phoebe's showed up in a vintage chocolate box along with a few other lovely little crochet pieces! Phoebe was happy to have something else to wear...
    And I love the little boots myself. So useful for our not-city environment here!
    We have to keep our fears of spiders in check here because we have to share a space...with a garden outside. (Ew... get OUT of my house! Stay in the yard! Or under the house. Or at least in the corners. Hahahaha.)