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29. November 2016
As we were festiving up the Community Room diorama, several of the dolls, ready for Christmas photos, came by. Even a few came by who have now gone down to the Christmas Pop Up Shop diorama! Christmas Doll has gone, and so have Shasta, and Fancy Nancy. I have a feeling the last two are going to want to sneak back here for the December Dolltown action. But no one will miss them down there. It's like a Find Waldo book in that doll stuffed diorama! But here we have some beauties we don't see very...

26. November 2016
It's the Little Darlings! All dressed up for Christmas! We do stories here in we do a lot of doll photos, capturing each doll in action and repose. I love looking at doll photos. I love looking at my dolls in photos. And none more than the dozen Little Darlings that reside in Dolltown... Our Dianna Effner Little Darlings have been chosen because we adore them, and I looked for as much variety as possible, and each has her own story for being here. Dolltown has LD's from four...

23. November 2016
We set up a Christmas doll diorama at our local Country Christmas. But none of the Little Darlings were allowed to go for the month long event... We couldn't take a chance on any of them disappearing. And we need them for our December stories. If we need any of the others, who are now in the locked glass cabinet downtown, we'll bring them home to Dolltown for a story or a photo. But the LD's will probably go on day trips...and join the other dolls in the cabinet while I am there for a few...

23. November 2016
Our Christmas diorama! But we won't have it here in Dolltown! We are setting up at a Country Christmas here in our little ranch town. At the Country Music Hall of Fame a bunch of our lucky Dolltowners get to be on display! For a whole month! There was a scramble when it was time to choose who gets be in it. Some dollies love the idea! Others stopped to think what it will mean and hid behind props and ran away when I opened my bag to pop them in... A whole month of sitting and standing quietly,...

16. November 2016
Faith and Zoey accompanied me to Vancouver Island, traveling by bus and ferry. We visited family, gathered items to upcycle for a Christmas Bazaar, and found a very cute teddy...

12. November 2016
So, this is where the boys have been! We haven't seen them outside of school time for ages. Well, boys, nice clubhouse! Chris is here, and young Uley. And Dixon has a big yellow bag, full of treats.. Badger and Owen show up and the boys' Halloween starts. This's where half our treats and the Halloween cookies went! The girls are about to make an appearance.... Ready?

12. November 2016
Okay, we are straggling here. There is a follow up Halloween story. All the Dolltowners were surprised when the boys didn't show up at the Iple's Halloween party. But it wasn't long before the girls discovered where they had gone.... The Little Darlings were on an outing in the forest, looking for art ideas for school projects.

09. November 2016
While the rest of the Dolltowners headed up to Dolltown Abbey, Spider-Man lingered by the Dark Tree. The Little Darlings, Undeen, and Phoebe kept him company as they came and went, getting ready for November action...

09. November 2016
The Dolltowners know that, no matter what, we need to get along, use our manners, help each other, and reach across our comfort zones... Always do our best!

08. November 2016
A few of the girls got out for some fresh air on a day when most were inside watching current events on TV.

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