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Little Darlings · 20. April 2019
We made it! Spring Celebration 2019 at the Dolltown Abbey Meadow! Iplehouse Cordelia Odelle is hosting, the goodies are here, and the Little Darlings are arriving. What more could we want!

18. April 2019
The Dolltown Abbey Meadow is the setting this year for the Spring Celebration! And that means the Iplehouse girls are getting the celebration ready. Decorate! The Paola Reina Amigas bring the piles of candy and chocolate...

Little Darlings · 29. March 2019
While the rest of the Little Darlings are ready for meet ups at the Dolltown Bridge, Birdy and Rosa are on a reconnaissance mission. The Dolltown children have been invited to the Dolltown Abbey Meadow to celebrate Spring...