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Children Dolls · 01. August 2018
Miley is interrupted in the middle of her quiet tea time by the Ocean. Chris and the boys arrive, looking for the girls. They didn't stay long. But by the time they left, Miley's tea was cold. Oh well...

10. August 2017
Little Darling Chantal and friend Douglas have liked each other for a long time. Just friendship still, or puppy love?

Dianna Effner Little Darling Doll by Geri Uribe, OOAK Cloth ballet doll
15. June 2016
Wotta busy week! Last Sunday we attended a sweet ballet dance recital, complete with tea in tea cups and slivers of lemon cheesecake... Maggie got to go, in her pretty pinafore dress. And we found dolls! A ballet mom makes these lovely long limbed cloth dolls in tutus and toe shoes (made from satin ribbon). One of them really wanted to come to Dolltown. Yes! Maggie and Ballet Doll quickly became friends, giggling over whispered stories. They hopped on stage for a twirl or two, then returned to...