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03. May 2016
It's a smile! Priscilla has been grumping at all of us for months! About everything! We are used to having to interpret doll feelings. I mean, look at Asa! But Priscilla really took the cake. She was grumpy even when she HAD cake! She looks positively angelic!

16. April 2016
What!? Asa has invited, not only our reporter Miley, but ALL the Dolltown dolls. Does she understand what she is in for? Actually yes. She worked it out with the Juniors here, and with Lee and business partner, redheaded Arlen. They know the numbers and have worked out a schedule!! (We do say we have 100 dolls here, although that number fluctuates.) It will take more than one day, they figure... Tell me about it. I am the photographer. Phew! And Miley, who was first, and came the day before the...

31. October 2015
The Characters...