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08. November 2016
A few of the girls got out for some fresh air on a day when most were inside watching current events on TV.

16. October 2016
Xennia was lingering on the Fall Path, visiting with Big Frog and the little duck. After Chantal returned from her Fall Day outing with Jiyoon, she joined Xennia.

15. October 2016
Well, Jiyoon was pretty sad when Maggie left for London with Tasya. Maggie and Jiyoon have been hanging out for months. After Maggie left, BFF's Chantal and Faith decided to take her out for an afternoon in the autumn sun. The three hopped into the car when I headed over to Jackie's. They spent time on the deck, balancing courageously on the ledge. I did my best to take a few photos without freaking out. (The 4 inch ledge meant there was a high possibility of face plants to the deck floor. But...