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28. April 2016
Tomi Jane's beautiful dress, on her own Little Darling... Earlier this year, I was thrilled to get two sets of Tomi's Colorways dresses at what I thought were very reasonable costs. I wasn't in the market for more. But when I saw this dress of perfection on eBay, and saw its starting bid, I couldn't resist going for it! In the end I didn't win.... Which means maybe I can get a few sandals for my girls this year. But is this going to happen every time a Tomi Jane dress becomes available for the...

23. April 2016
Conner is feeling a little shy, meeting Will for the first time... In a way they already know each other because they have been emailing and texting for months. They have sent each other photos, shared their hobbies, and talked about how much they would like to have a pet dog... But still, they both hope they will like each other in person!