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20. October 2015
This is Senior Iplehouse Doll Lee. But today he has taken on his business persona, Louie Fisher, dressing in his Iplehouse suit. He is working from his library at Dolltown Abbey. Louie runs a lot of businesses, online and off. He invests in interesting Start Ups.

20. August 2015
This week and last, there have been a lot clothes changes and wig changes here in Dolltown... It's a funny thing with dolls because there is no real reason to keep them the same, except that we want to. We become attached to the look of a doll. (OR, of course, if we want to leave them untouched and in their glass cases to keep up their perfection, or value. I forgot that. Sorry. And thanks to all the doll people from whom I received perfect dolls.) Some of the dolls I collect have rooted...