Louie Fisher, business doll

This is Senior Iplehouse Doll Lee. But today he has taken on his business persona, Louie Fisher, dressing in his Iplehouse suit.



He is working from his library at Dolltown Abbey. Louie runs a lot of businesses, online and off.

He invests in interesting Start Ups.

This is Catrine DeMew from Monster High,

I understand.

Cat has taken refuge in the library. She has heard that there are groups out there snatching up dolls like her, and wiping out their identities. 


Cat likes her identity...but since some love her and some hate her she  doesn't know who to trust.

She has come to Dolltown to lay low for awhile.  

The other dolls and Louie (well, Lee) accept her for who she is. 


But she is cautious around company, like Louie's business associates.


Lucky there's a fern...


What's happening here?

Louie has just signed a new contract for marketing

smart bottled water.

Water that changes like magic after it enters the body, and provides the nutrients most needed by the body for optimum health, and mental acuity.

Really. It's been tested. The test subjects liked it a lot.

His business contact is just leaving.


And Cat emerges to keep Louie company.

And notices his laptop...

11 photo silent story

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