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23. April 2016
Chris is busy today. The boys are expected soon at Asa's Open House! But first Chris accompanied Will to the Bridge to meet his online friend Conner, who now resides in Dolltown. Now he is keeping his brother Douglas company while Douglas waits for Chantal. Chantal is Douglas's favorite friend in Dolltown (besides his bro, of course).

24. October 2015
The school kids have been invited to Dolltown Abbey for a fieldtrip to get their school photos done. So, Lee's usually quiet Library has been busy today, with his business meetings, Cat there hiding from the doll snatchers, the boys looking for noises and in hidden drawers, Hal and Buddy playing, and then the girls arriving for photos! It's been a whirlwind of Dolly action! Xenny will be sorry she missed seeing The Library, but she is on a Halloween mission for costumes and Dolly props......

23. October 2015
The boys have been invited to Dolltown Abbey, where the Iples live. They are supposed to be with the other children. But Owen has heard what sounds like a cat, and convinces his two friends to explore....

20. October 2015
This is Senior Iplehouse Doll Lee. But today he has taken on his business persona, Louie Fisher, dressing in his Iplehouse suit. He is working from his library at Dolltown Abbey. Louie runs a lot of businesses, online and off. He invests in interesting Start Ups.