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01. November 2016
It's very may even be November 1st now! THAT's a good party! Xennia stayed for a while getting photos taken, then she was taken to bed...

31. October 2016
These characters want to come to the Moon Arch Party! Clown is wondering why he is one of the scary ones this Halloween!

18. April 2016
Asa meets a newcomer to Dolltown, Kasma the Clown. We found him recently at the Bailey House, a place that sells things no one else wants. How could anyone not want this adorable guy! We do! Kasma is still wearing his hangtag, which is where he gets his name. Apparently the Kasma Collection has been a leading supplier of hand-made collectors dolls for years, and our clown looks like he has been around for years. So we are letting him keep his hangtag on. He's so used to it! Kasma is just...