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25. December 2016
A Christmas gift! The Little Darlings are excited to receive a box full of presents from April, Fashion Doll Stylist!

23. May 2016
More photos of our Little Darlings in the fancy Ellowyne fashion doll dresses... See our Ellowynes in these dresses, in the January blog post, Ellowynes in The Ballroom. Xennia, Pearl, Jiyoon, Maggie, and Birdy are wearing original Ellowyne dresses, I believe. Rosa and Tink are wearing Ellowyne dresses made from dressmakers. Zoey, in red, is wearing a sequin dress made for the Little Darlings. But I bought it for my older vintage Cindy's. And our Betsy McCall, Pamela, wore it as a festive...

22. May 2016
The Little Darlings were invited to a Facebook Anniversary party. And found there were no Little Darling frilly, smocked, or lace dresses in their cupboard! Well, not enough to go around...

10. January 2016
Dolltown adventurous little characters in order of appearance, more or less: Faith Scout Pearl Zoey Badger Uley Eve Tink Xenny Chantal Chris Douglas Dixon Owen Will

09. January 2016
Before our Snow Day, Faith gets to explore the Dolltown environment. She is a little surprised at the cold, and all the snow. But we know we have to have our snow play day soon because our weather fluctuates and the snow can disappear in the blink of an eye. Well, overnight sometimes.

04. January 2016
2016 Set intentions, possibilities... Gratitude for all my company here, alive and seem-alives. And thanks to all my dollhead readers and explorers!