Asa's Room

That's Miley, here on the right (with her cat). She's our Dollygood.News reporter (sign up for our weekly newsletter!)
She is reporting on her surprising visit with Asa...
It happened!
Asa invited us to her Room at Dolltown Abbey!
It's very beautiful, with a round window.
I sat with Asa for the afternoon and we shared stories of our previous lives. Asa shared stories of her childhood...
With us dolls, our "childhood" is subjective, isn't it? Some of us are made to stay babies, some of us look like children or teens forever, some are fully formed adults, even old adults, from the  beginning.
So, a doll's "childhood" is like a percentage of the time we have been in existence. 
So, Asa's "childhood" stories were about the country she came from and her experiences before she came to the West.  
A few stories were of her time in the US, before she was shipped across the border. And I shared a few with her, about my time in the US.
You-Know-Who was out during my visit with Asa. She was at the Bailey House , tuned to dolly things there. So, she won't know about some of the things Asa and I shared. Sometimes it's a doll thing, you know?
Asa says the pine trees, and the hills here around Dolltown remind her of her childhood.
Thank you Miley! We are happy to hear about your visit with Asa!
But, I am curious about these stories you shared...
And you say the other dollies can visit Asa this week too? Oh my!

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