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23. July 2017
Little Darling Scout brings her boy, Badger, to see the Eiffel Tower, with friend Evie. Badger gives Scout a flower. Evie leaves....

22. July 2016
Our Dollygood news reporter, Miley, and our "new" ballerina doll are still hanging out! They take a break together, enjoying an ice cream cupcake, making the most of a few quiet minutes while the little children are gathered for their turn.

06. June 2016
2nd Weekend at our Pop Up Shop... The girls wanted to visit!

13. April 2016
That's Miley, here on the right (with her cat). She's our Dollygood.News reporter (sign up for our weekly newsletter!) She is reporting on her surprising visit with Asa... It happened! Asa invited us to her Room at Dolltown Abbey! It's very beautiful, with a round window. I sat with Asa for the afternoon and we shared stories of our previous lives. Asa shared stories of her childhood... With us dolls, our "childhood" is subjective, isn't it? Some of us are made to stay babies, some of us look...

31. October 2015
Miley, our column writer, has a unique perspective that allows her to comment on the goings-on in Dolltown. First, she's a singleton, being the only Kim Lasher doll we have, so she tends to be impartial. Second, she is trusted by everybody, so she gets the best stories. And third, she is trained as an Observer, but allows herself opinions and conjecture... So her "Miley's Musing" column is a big hit with the other dolls, and the Hiya Dolly subscribers....

31. October 2015
Miley, our Dolltown.News Dolltown correspondent has come to The Fall Tree to catch all the action. Lee thinks Miley should have a Halloween costume. Miley gets to wear a genuine Iplehouse Dark Cape. She is beyond thrilled. And she thinks she looks good! What do you think?