Pop Up Shop in the Country Music Capital of Canada

2nd Weekend at our Pop Up Shop...

The girls wanted to visit!

A Pop Up Shop...art, second hand, antiques...

Miley, our Dolltown reporter, had to come and see for herself!


First, a few shop things, then a few photos of our town's country music display. including a performance dress worn by Lisa Brokop! Canadian country music performer!

Zoey and Maggie also made it to the old building on Main Street in our little town.


Here they are perched in the flower filled basket of an old bicycle...


And in the afternoon, Faith and Chantal explored mosaics, quilts, and collages...

This is Paul Brandt, a Canadian country and western singer. He came to our music festival several years ago...

Miley thinks he's cute so she is snatching an imaginary kiss. 

Lucky girl!

Yes, every Sunday a small group gathers , sings country and western at the Grasslands Cowboy Church.

It's ranch country folks.

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    Sharon in Spain x (Tuesday, 07 June 2016 01:11)

    Looks like the girls had fun, I'm amazed you were able to take them all along with you to the shop!
    Miley is cheeky snatching a kiss from the handsome young cowboy but he looks a bit of a hunk so who can blame her!

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    Jano (Wednesday, 08 June 2016 20:15)

    Haha! Hi Sharon, yes. Good pick, Miley!
    There were lulls in our shoppers, but not many. I shut down at the end of the day so it's easier then to take photos...
    But I got the names of a couple of oldsters who had dolly stories to tell. That's what I find when people know what I do...doll photos and stories. They always have doll stories. I'd like a page of other's stories!