Tink, Xennia and Big Frog, on the Fall Path

Well, go figure!

Tink and Xennia spent lots of their summer hunting for frogs.

It became a bit of a thing...

Dolltown has creeks, meadows, lakesides.

No frogs.

And then, just when they were distracted by school start, look what (or who) showed up on the Fall Path !

The girls were heading home after their first day of school...


Tink said, "I love frogs!"

Xennia said, "I didn't know frogs were so big!"

Big Frog said, "I think I will fish again here near the Fall Path! Nice kids!"

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    April (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 12:42)

    Ha ha ha....a frog fishing!!!! Well girls, size is relative..... he's big because maybe you are small. To others, perhaps he is normal! But one thing remains the same, the two of you are so pretty!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:04)

    "Why, thank you Aunty April! You know we love you!" the girls say.
    "Do you like frogs, too?"
    You don't have to answer that...
    "Size is relative" certainly applies in the world of dolls and props.
    And here's a frog who can hold his own in a diorama. He is literally shoring up several of the girls in the Fall Path photo shoots! Strategic placement behind ankles cuts down my photo shoot time, since I don't use stands...

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    Mischelle (Thursday, 13 October 2016 10:03)

    Oh I recognize that frog he used to fish down on the Nicoa river by our old place but I think he must prefer the scenery around Dolltown Great photos

  • #4

    Jano (Monday, 17 October 2016 09:32)

    Hi Mischelle!
    I think he's enjoying the company!
    And now that you are gone from his old favorite place by the river, he's been searching up the Nicola! He might still show up at your place.
    But he wouldn't be the first to linger and stay here....
    You might have to come here to see him!