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Little Darlings · 14. September 2018
September school time! But these girls have packed a lunch and look like they are heading out for a nature walk! Can we call it a fieldtrip? And who's that following?

16. October 2016
Xennia was lingering on the Fall Path, visiting with Big Frog and the little duck. After Chantal returned from her Fall Day outing with Jiyoon, she joined Xennia.

09. October 2016
Well, go figure! Tink and Xennia spent lots of their summer hunting for frogs. It became a bit of a thing... Dolltown has creeks, meadows, lakesides. No frogs. And then, just when they were distracted by school start, look what (or who) showed up on the Fall Path ! The girls were heading home after their first day of school...

05. October 2016
No homework! The girls make their way home from school...