Maggie is off to the UK!

Our Little Darling, Maggie is off to London, England. 

She is going for an extended stay with daughter, Tasya.


It was a sudden decision. 

We barely had time to find her extra clothes and a soft silk scarf to wrap up in.


After her Dolltown goodbyes, she was tucked away in a rolling bag and the two flew off, on their way to Vancouver Island for Thanksgiving with family before heading to Tasya's London home.

I learned the next day Maggie's bag had missed a connection and she spent the night on her own.


Tasya was stressed, knowing Maggie was by herself in a strange city and they wouldn't be united for a day.


I understand Maggie actually said, "Chill, Tasya! I'll see you tomorrow. But first,  a little Vancouver sightseeing without you."


Where would a doll go, I wonder?

We won't know until she Skypes...

Dianna Effner Little Darling Maggie, Geri Uribe's Abigail
 Dianna Effner Little Darling Maggie, Geri Uribe's Abigail

Once again (shades of Lula persuading Lani) it took a little effort to convince Tasya.

But Maggie is a smart little thing, and dressed just like Tasya, wearing flats, carrying a rope for climbing, and tying her hair in a top knot (which Tasya does when she gets serious about something).

Tasya talked to Maggie about what she might face if she moved to London for a while.

Do you have climbing walls? Maggie asked slyly, knowing Tasya teaches climbing.

Done deal. Pack a bag! Throw in the rope!


Then, it was time to say goodbye.

First, Miley and Lula.

Lula has just returned from spending months with daughter, Lani, in Melbourne, Australia.

Lula gave Maggie out for spiders, get under a light cloth when it gets hot, windy, and too sunny.

And ask for some babies from the Salvation Army store if you get lonely.

Thanks, Maggie said. 

Next Maggie said goodbye to the girls in the Schoolroom.

The girls had mixed feelings...excitement, curiosity, sadness.


"You are so lucky!" "Yes, I can't wait."

"Where will you go to school?" "Home schooled!"

"You'll get to have lots of fish and chips!" "Yes, and bangers and mash!"

(Uh about fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, Maggie?)

"When will you be home, Maggie?" "Maybe not til next summer!"

"Ohhh Maggie! We will miss you!" "I will Skype..."

Of course, Maggie said goodbye to her BFF Jiyoon before leaving for the months long trip...

Jiyoon was excited for Maggie. She has done a little traveling herself and thinks it's a good thing.

She said to Maggie... it gives you more ideas and insight into how other dolls live around the world,

and fosters open mindedness, which is a good thing.

Well, I had actually just said that to Jiyoon before Maggie came to see her.

Because she was crying about Maggie leaving.

My little monologue almost cheered her right up, so she was able to say, "Go ahead!" and mean it.

Our beloved little Maggie. 

An independent spirit.

I think the promise of living with a cat was enticing. Even after she was told it was...a skittish cat, with claws.

Maggie might look so sweet, but she has an independent and courageous spirit.

And she thinks she is smart enough to outwit a mere cat. And she thinks she can climb faster.

Okay, I am going to quit thinking about all that for a while.

I've heard stories about Tasya's cat in her London flat.

This will be one time I advise an aunty it's okay to keep a Little Darling in a drawer...

(But take her out every day for a chat, and a hug! )


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  • #1

    Sharon in Spain x (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:20)

    I hope Maggie has a wonderful time in London. I was born just to the east of London and worked in the city for many years, it is a wonderul, exciting and cosmopolitan city, I'm sure Maggie will love it. Speaking of which, I am also going to London next month for a week to visit my mum :) I am going with my Spanish friend whilst our hubbies stay home and look after dogs!! I might have to take a doll with me on the trip as we hope to be sightseeing a little whilst there, as my friend has never been to England before, in fact this is the first time she's ever flown :) Exciting stuff!
    Hugs Sharon x

  • #2

    Jano (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:49)

    Hi Sharon! That is pretty cool!
    Daughter Tasya has lived there for over 20 years!
    Take a doll, take some photos! I can post a couple! That would be fun...
    I hope you and your buddy enjoy your trip!

  • #3

    April (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 17:22)

    Ohhhhh, I will miss Maggie....even though it's almost time for me to make my trip home....where I'll be just across the channel (+ a few more kilometers). But hopefully, she'll send back photos of her adventures. And by the way, the Phat girls in Paris say that she can always hop over for a quick stay!