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09. November 2016
The Dolltowners know that, no matter what, we need to get along, use our manners, help each other, and reach across our comfort zones... Always do our best!

28. October 2016
These Little Darlings decided to dress up in old fashioned costumes! When they were ready, they excitedly headed out on the path to Dolltown Abbey, by themselves! Lucky it's Dolltown!

14. September 2016
The Little Darlings have come to see Terri...Grandma Terri. Now, the relationships can get a little complicated in Dolltown, but Terri is LIKE a grandmother to...everybody. (Except, of course her friends and...Ernie.) Several of the children live at Terri's big house, like Zoey, Evie, and Shasta (and they have lots of sleepovers). But today they are all happy to come and visit with Terri before they go to ready for school...

31. August 2016
Conner leaves Dolltown to go on assignment. Just as Coco arrives in Dolltown. Sometimes these things happen... Leau brings her blue eyed buddy, Coco, to the beach.