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15. September 2016
These lovely Spanish made dolls, the Paola Reina Amigas, love to work in the kitchen! Who are we to stop them from being so useful? They have filled a basket full of picnic food for the Ellowynes' nighttime visit! Thanks girls! Got any balogna sandwiches in there?

14. September 2016
The Little Darlings have come to see Terri...Grandma Terri. Now, the relationships can get a little complicated in Dolltown, but Terri is LIKE a grandmother to...everybody. (Except, of course her friends and...Ernie.) Several of the children live at Terri's big house, like Zoey, Evie, and Shasta (and they have lots of sleepovers). But today they are all happy to come and visit with Terri before they go to ready for school...

07. September 2016
Terri's back after an afternoon nap...just in time to welcome the In Betweens. Not little children, not adults... We have Crissy, with her long braid, and Kimberley...both newish vintages. Cheerful girls! And Becky! With her handsome boy. Older vintages! And they have dance skills! Fox trot, waltz!