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13. July 2016
The Dolltown Awards presenters are getting changed for an ice cream party... While we wait, we get some errands done.

02. March 2016
Our Tinker Bell had a makeover, a wig change-a cute bob with a top knot. You can see her in it in Monday's photo post. We thought she liked it. She had a smile on her face the whole time. But Mischelle popped into the Doll Studio and noticed Tink squirming and scratching her head. "It's itchy!" she said when my friend asked. So I hunted for another hairdo for her. We love her in this soft curly-pigtailed wig. So it may stay for a while.... And Mischelle brought us a great prop! You'll see it...

29. February 2016
Valentine, our stylist for the Valentine party, took the plunge with several Dolltown Little Darlings and changed their looks... We love the changes so far. Let's live with them for a while to see if the changes stay! Thanks Valentine!

20. August 2015
This week and last, there have been a lot clothes changes and wig changes here in Dolltown... It's a funny thing with dolls because there is no real reason to keep them the same, except that we want to. We become attached to the look of a doll. (OR, of course, if we want to leave them untouched and in their glass cases to keep up their perfection, or value. I forgot that. Sorry. And thanks to all the doll people from whom I received perfect dolls.) Some of the dolls I collect have rooted...

17. August 2015
Iplehouse Tania, or Mercy... the same doll. What do you think?