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09. May 2017
The children enjoy a picnic basket of French food, from Fashion Doll Stylist! On the first outing of the year in Dolltown!

08. May 2017
In April, the Little Darlings, the Sashas, and friends were exploring a birchbark canoe, and all its fascinating contents. Then we brought more of the children to the river to see the canoe, the gold fish, the beads... And there was a picnic! But before we had time to post all those photos, Easter arrived and all the Dolltowners spiffed up for a big egg hunt at the river with Bunny! There were lots of photos of the spring celebration and we just got them all posted. NOW we can get back to our...

05. May 2017
The Disney Princesses at the Dolltown River in pretty dresses.

14. May 2016
It's so nice out! All our Little Darlings are ready for adventures in the garden! These girls are wondering, Where are Tink and Xennia?

15. March 2016
These photos are from last March, at Terri's birthday celebration at The River. There was a picnic with lots of food! Switching the heads on two of the Ellowynes recently reminded me that my two vintage Terri Lees are still in pieces in a covered basket.... We miss them! They are like the grandmothers of Dolltown. We need our elders! Sure, the Terri Lees may have baby faces to those who are not used to them. But they are definitely FULL of experience! And the children flock to them! Nice broad...