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bjd · 26. October 2018
The girls think they have seen the black raven again. Well, we followed a raven-like shadow to the Dark Tree, and sure enough, just as we thought...Raven!

21. June 2017
Our three Iplehouse JID girls, a Tania, Cordelia, and Violet. We took a garden tour and took lots of photos!

27. October 2016
Iplehouse Juniors at the Dark Tree on the path to Dolltown Abbey! These two have come to greet our Little Darlings and make sure they make it to the party safely... Of course it's safe! It's Dolltown! But at Halloween we like to believe that ghoulies and ghosties are roaming the woods. Scary things like spiders and bats and old grey witches! So the little girls will be escorted to the Moon Arch Room...

05. October 2016
Throwback Thursday! Random Iplehouse bjd photos from last October... Some photos that are NOT Little Darlings! They got ALL the attention this week. A couple of these were used in stories. Most didn't make it on to the site!

11. May 2016
It's the Iplehouse JID girls! Their sculpt names: Violet, Cordelia, and Tania. Here in Dolltown we call them...a variety of names depending on their story characters. They are dressed in their Pachom day dresses... These girls have been at Asa's Open House for a photo, then came to the Bridge to hang out for a while with the other Dolltowners...

04. May 2016
Asa takes time for reflection and when she emerges she gathers her family around her. This is her tribe-bjd's from around the world. The girls Mercy, Simmin, and Terra. The boys Spiro and Bo. And Airus, our ghostly presence. Or he wishes.

16. April 2016
What!? Asa has invited, not only our reporter Miley, but ALL the Dolltown dolls. Does she understand what she is in for? Actually yes. She worked it out with the Juniors here, and with Lee and business partner, redheaded Arlen. They know the numbers and have worked out a schedule!! (We do say we have 100 dolls here, although that number fluctuates.) It will take more than one day, they figure... Tell me about it. I am the photographer. Phew! And Miley, who was first, and came the day before the...

31. October 2015
The Characters...