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28. June 2017
The Little Darlings, Birdy and Rosa, head out to the rose garden while they wait for the next step with the Eiffel Tower model. So pretty!

26. June 2017
Silent Sam and Priscilla invite all the Dolltown babies for playtime outside.

23. June 2017
African beaded doll, our Silent Sam has a baby on his back! How did we not notice? Priscilla discovers the surprise...

21. June 2017
Our three Iplehouse JID girls, a Tania, Cordelia, and Violet. We took a garden tour and took lots of photos!

20. June 2017
Glitter on the Eiffel Tower! Before? Or after? The Little Darlings have to decide... But let's start building!

14. June 2017
Little Darling Lula gets to go shopping, and wants to buy gifts for a new baby coming. How do we say no?

14. June 2017
The Little Darlings tackle the Eiffel Tower model building. The parts are out. Glitter or not?

11. June 2017
Little Darling Conner, in Paris with Fashion Doll Stylist, sees the sights, from the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Marche des Fleurs! Lucky dolly!

10. June 2017
Happy World Doll Day! Plangonologists (Doll Collecfors) all over the world are celebrating our dolls. Do you have dolls?

05. June 2017
Dianna Effner Little Darlings Faith, Jiyoon, and Chantal are setting up the Eiffel Tower model. And they found glitter! Fun!

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